Finding Rachel Davenport

Rachel Davenport—former child prodigy, world-class gymnast and Miss Teen England—has retired from public life and lives anonymously in a small town, working as a clerk for a travel agency.

By night, however, Rachel is a self-styled crime-fighter, seeking to right the wrongs inflicted on people who cannot help themselves. But when her first mission goes horribly awry she finds herself pursued, not merely by the media, but by the police and an assortment of criminals who want her silenced.

To preserve her anonymity, as well as her life, Rachel must prove to the police that she is one of the good guys and keep one step ahead of the bad guys, all while avoiding nosey neighbours, holding onto her job and juggling two would-be suitors.

Finding Rachel Davenport is a fun read, with a quirky plot and an explosive ending.

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Postcards From Ireland

Released: April 2012
In the summer of 2001, Michael Harling, a contented bachelor who enjoys walks in the Adirondacks, Irish music and Guinness, decides he needs to visit Ireland.
  • He travels alone, despite never having been abroad before.
  • He signs up for a hiking trip on the assumption that hiking in Ireland will be pretty much like a walk in the woods.
  • He packs seven days worth of clothing for a two week trip, in the certainty that there should be at least as many Laundromats in Ireland as there are in Clifton Park.
What could possibly go wrong?

Almost everything, as it turns out.

Along the way, he finds himself at odds with the Irish climate, hiking with a group of British ramblers and enduring some truly wretched ‘traditional’ music.

But this is not simply the trip of a lifetime; this is a quest, a calling, an odyssey of the soul as well as a journey into the unknown. Harling is determined to discover the true spirit of Ireland, locate a Laundromat and return home a single man.

Well, two out of three isn’t bad.

© 2012 by michael harling